Knud Reimers

Knud_H._Reimers_am_Zeichenbrett Born in Denmark, Knud Reimers (1906-87) became educated as shipwright at Friedrich Krupp Germaniawerft in the twenties. In those years the yard built large sailing and motoryachts. He then worked as apprentice at Abeking & Rasmussen in Bremen-Lemwerder under the supervision of Henry Rasmussen. It was there that Reimers became familiar with the design of sleek, fast and beautiful yachts. Briefkopf_Knud_H._Reimers

1930 Reimers took over the office of Gustav Estander in Stockholm, Sweden. Now Reimers launched his career as a naval architect for square meter yachts.

1934 he designed the popular double-ender “Tumlare”, the predecessor to Adlard Coles’ seagoing legend “Cohoe”. Knud_H._Reimers_Porträt

1936 he designed the 75 square meter “Bacchant”. Today this 62 footer is berthed at the Milwaukee Yacht Club and participates regularly in the Chicago-Mackinac long-distance races on Lake Michigan.

Expanding on the square meter boat motif, in 1948 Reimers designed the 82 foot yawl “Agneta”. 1958 to the mid eighties the yacht was owned by the Italian industrialist and passionate yachtsman Giovanni Agnelli.

In the sixties, Reimers “Bijou” initiated the rebirth of the classic 30 square meter in southern Germany. This class of yachts is still actively competing in championship races for the Reimers Cup annually.

Swede_55_Broschüre_Seitenansicht Upon request of some of Stockholms KSSS members, Reimers designed the Swede 55 as a cruising ocean racing square meter yacht. The Swede 55’s design has an elevated freeboard, a comfortable center-cockpit, a nominal sail area of 55 square meters and additional volume below deck. She was inspired by Rolly Taskers “Siska”, a Knud Reimers 40 square meter boat modified for the Sydney-Hobart Race.